Puris Holdings and LIVEKINDLY Collective join forces to invest in regenerative agriculture

Agriculture Hector Freitas

The demand for alternative foods is increasing. Peas, lentils and other pulses are increasingly serving as meat substitutes in our favourite dishes. Suppliers of plant-based alternatives are launching initiatives to make this trend suitable for mass consumption. The latest highlight: Puris partners with Livekindly to accelerate plant-based adoption. 

PURIS Holdings, an early and innovative pioneer in plant-based nutrition, and LIVEKINDLY Collective are forming two new joint ventures to further drive the transformation of the food industry. The partnership brings know-how and innovation to the industry to accelerate the production and accessibility of plant-based products at scale.

By combining PURIS’ proven expertise in plant-based food development with LIVEKINDLY Collective’s network of global leaders in plant-based nutrition, the companies aim to accelerate the adoption of plant-based nutrition by solving some of the biggest challenges in the supply chain and paving the way for a more sustainable food system in a mission-driven way.

Nicole Atchison, CEO of PURIS Holdings says: “Joining forces with LIVEKINDLY Collective allows us to push all parts of the industry forward, ensuring it scales sustainably and affordably.” Both [parties] believe in a future where our food system is a force for good — benefiting people and planet.

Focusing on innovations

PURIS Holdings and LIVEKINDLY Collective have now formed two joint ventures to produce sustainable food at scale:

  • The first joint venture will deliver innovation against the plant protein industry’s waste streams and develop simple, clean, plant-based foods for like-minded brand partners. The companies are committed to investing in breakthrough solutions to maximise the use of all plant-based ingredients and improve plant-based nutrition’s environmental sustainability, as plants are the foundation of the plant-based industry.
  • The second project focuses on accelerating the global adoption of soil-enhancing, protein-rich crops. The commitment aims to promote agricultural prosperity and social inclusion by supporting a measurable shift from degenerative to regenerative farming practices.

As part of their mission to introduce protein-rich, sustainable crops globally, PURIS and LIVEKINDLY Collective will initially collaborate in Southern Africa. In addition, the two companies will drive the development of innovative processes and food products that are affordable, sustainable and nutritious in the plant-based meat and dairy sector.