Swiss Start-up Award Top 100: where are the foodtech companies?

Swiss Start up award

Last week, the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards for the year 2020 was presented. Three astonishing start-up companies were ranked on the podium: The winner, Cutiss, is developing human skin in the laboratory for patients suffering from skin defects. Second ranked Wingtra is a leading drone manufacturer and the third, Piavita, is digitising the entire process of everyday veterinary procedures. But those are only a few of so many disruptive and inspiring ideas. It is great to see that Switzerland has such a vivid and fast-growing start-up and venture capital culture. Even though this years’ winner came from other sectors, I am convinced that in the coming years, we will see more and more start-ups from the foodtech sector on stage and possibly even among the winners. Why? Because the food 4.0 sector is one of the fastest growing and the demand for plant-based protein alternatives is accelerating strongly.

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